After having worked for 5 years in a public relations firm in New York City (KCSA) and 15 years at the head of an event communications consulting agency in Paris (Be a Live), Bertrand Fourmond has set up EVENTMORE.

Committed to meet the expectations of his internationally renowned clients (Areva, Fidelity International, Hyundai, LG, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Walt Disney Studio, Wild Bunch, …), Bertrand Fourmond promotes creativity, gathers different expertises, and breaks down the barriers to create daring and innovative projects.

Embracing storymaking has given fresh impetus to EVENTMORE, allowing us to provide clients with endless possibilities: using whatever media supports and deliver a shareable experience to reach, engage, move, or influence employees and customers.

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Brand communication developer
We develop smart multi-channel experiential campaigns.

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Forster sharing
We help companies communicate, engage and express their brand personality and create innovative environments that provide both internal and external audiences with a powerful, on-brand experience.

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Innovative idea maker
Our approach is to combine a broad scope of expression and a unique agency’s culture to provide best-to-breed solutions from concept through to execution.


The tradition of operating in silos has been shaken by nowadays communication channels that interact with each other, letting the message flow between the various sources.

Consumer communication: brands are becoming medias, medias are issuing brand content, and consumers are turning into brand content makers.

Corporate communication: management becomes the initiator of a vision, the vision is passed on by the appropriation of employees, who become committed to success.

Therefore, Live, which provides great opportunities for innovative communications, is at the heart of nowadays communication issues.

By embracing Storymaking, EVENTMORE doesn’t assert a communication business model but it asserts a strategic and creative principle: singularity.


Here is the agency’s ambition through Le Presbytère.
A brand new venue owned by the agency to share unique experiences, only 50 minutes from Paris.
Discover this 300-year-old jewel of a building that will host you and your private events.